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Human Rights

Human Rights in the UK – Companion Materials

This page provides some companion materials to the  ‘Human Rights in the UK’ by David Hoffman and John Rowe QC, an introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998 (Pearson, Fourth Edition, 2013).

4th ed photo


You can find online updates to the fourth edition here, a few times a year. These are intended to help keep the text up to date by highlighting some recent developments.

You can also find some more recent cases discussed by using the ‘human rights’ category to search the blogs on this site.



These are some short podcasts on different topics as an introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998

Podcasts 1-3: the Idea of Human Rights

Podcast 1: what are rights?   podcast 1 what are rights

Podcast 2: balancing rights  podcast 2 balancing rights

Podcast 3: the rule of law  podcast 3 rule of law

Podcasts 4-9: Introducing the Human Rights Act 1998 

Podcast 4: how the Act works podcast 4 how the act works

Podcast 5: the law of the European Court on Human Rights podcast 5 European Court law

Podcast 6: statutory interpretation under the Act podcast 6 statutory interpretation

Podcast 7: the position of public authorities podcast 7 public authories

Podcast 8: horizontal effect podcast 8 horizontal effect

Podcast 9: remedies podcast 9 remedies

Podcast 10: Political Controversy over the Act

podcast 10 controversy


With thanks to Asher Dresner for his help recording these.