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Instruct me direct

Expert advice, with no solicitor’s fees

You can now deal direct with a barrister without having to go through a solicitor. Direct access to a barrister saves you both time and money, while ensuring that you gain from the best available sources of legal advice.

I can advise on disputes in a wide range of areas of commercial and property law including:

  • contract litigation including sale of goods, building work, professional services
  • professional negligence – solicitors, accountants, surveyors and others
  • disputed insurance claims
  • banking disputes
  • landlord and tenant
  • property and neighbour disputes
  • partnerships and companies
  • intellectual property – copyright and trademarks
  • inheritance, wills and probate
  • procedural issues in litigation

I can also help you with drafting commercial contracts and standard terms for your  business – best handled by direct contact with your own barrister.

I can also help you resolve your dispute by acting as a mediator or arbitrator, as long as both parties to the dispute agree – as a mediator, my role would be to help facilitate a commercial settlement, as an arbitrator, I would provide a formal decision without the publicity and cost of going to court.

How to hire me direct …

Hiring me is simple and straightforward, particularly if you would like an initial fixed price 1 hour consultation 

  • send me the relevant papers and I will review them
  • if for any reason I’m unable to act for you I will let you know immediately and return the papers – no charge
  • if you need to act through a solicitor, I can help with a recommendation and you can instruct me to act through this solicitor; or, of course, you can appoint your own solicitor
  • if I am able to act for you direct, I will offer you a 1 hour initial consultation in my Chambers at a time to suit you – for a fixed fee of £300 including VAT

I will also act as mediator or arbitrator for small matters at fixed prices (for fixed time to be spent).

  • Mediation: I will take on mediation for small claims for fixed prices and strict time limits. For claims up to £15,000 (excluding costs) with no more than 1 folder of papers, I will do a half day mediation (3 hrs) for £400 (£200 each party) plus VAT, with £30 / hour if it over-runs.
  • For claims worth up to 25,000 with no more than 1 folder of papers, a half day mediation is £600  (£300 each party) plus VAT with £50 / hour for over-runs.
  • Arbitration: I will also take on small claims arbitrations. For claims worth up to £10,000 (1 folder of papers), I will undertake an arbitration for £400 (£200 each party) plus VAT for a 1 hr hearing plus a short written decision.
  • For a claim up to £20,000, I will undertake an arbitration for £600 (£300 each party) plus VAT for 1 hr hearing plus a short written decision.

Please note that it is always better to get legal advice on your dispute as soon as possible. If you are already involved in litigation as a litigant in person, please get my advice early on, so that I can help in preparing your case and trying to avoid costs. Most cases settle so long as they are well-presented to the other party to the dispute. In particular, if you think you may want to  instruct me to act for you at a hearing (such as an application or a trial), I can help prepare for that. Approaching me to act very shortly before the hearing may be too late for me to actually help you properly, and may be a reason for me to decline to act.

Find out more about hiring a barrister direct on the Bar Council’s website.


Get in touch

You can get in touch with me through my clerks at:

18sjs logo

in Manchester

18 St John St Chambers
0161 278 1800


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in London

4-5 Gray’s Inn Square
020 7404  5252



You can find more information about public access on the Bar Council’s website.

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