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Instruct me direct

Expert advice, with no solicitor’s fees

You can now obtain a legal services quotation direct – ie, without having to go through a solicitor – from an individual barrister, or a barristers’ chambers, or a Bar Standards Board entity. This access is available to you whether you are a professional client, or a licensed access client or a lay client.

Direct access to a barrister saves you both time and money, while ensuring that you gain from the best available sources of legal advice.

The Bar Standards Board has produced advice for clients intending to obtain legal services direct from a barrister. The Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients document is available here.

I can advise on disputes in a wide range of areas of commercial and property law including:

  • contract litigation including sale of goods, building work, professional services
  • professional negligence – solicitors, accountants, surveyors and others
  • disputed insurance claims
  • banking disputes
  • landlord and tenant
  • property and neighbour disputes
  • partnerships and companies
  • intellectual property – copyright and trademarks
  • inheritance, wills and probate
  • procedural issues in litigation

I can also help you with drafting commercial contracts and standard terms for your  business – best handled by direct contact with your own barrister.

I can also help you resolve your dispute by acting as a mediator or arbitrator, as long as both parties to the dispute agree – as a mediator, my role would be to help facilitate a commercial settlement, as an arbitrator, I would provide a formal decision without the publicity and cost of going to court.

How to hire me direct …

Hiring me is simple and straightforward, particularly if you would like an initial fixed price 1 hour consultation 

  • send me the relevant papers and I will review them
  • if for any reason I’m unable to act for you I will let you know immediately and return the papers – no charge
  • if you need to act through a solicitor, I can help with a recommendation and you can instruct me to act through this solicitor; or, of course, you can appoint your own solicitor
  • if I am able to act for you direct, I will offer you a 1 hour initial consultation in my Chambers at a time to suit you – for a fixed fee of £300 including VAT

I will also act as mediator or arbitrator for small matters at fixed prices (for fixed time to be spent).

  • Mediation: I will take on mediation for small claims for fixed prices and strict time limits. For claims up to £15,000 (excluding costs) with no more than 1 folder of papers, I will do a half day mediation (3 hrs) for £400 (£200 each party) plus VAT, with £30 / hour if it over-runs.
  • For claims worth up to 25,000 with no more than 1 folder of papers, a half day mediation is £600  (£300 each party) plus VAT with £50 / hour for over-runs.
  • Arbitration: I will also take on small claims arbitrations. For claims worth up to £10,000 (1 folder of papers), I will undertake an arbitration for £400 (£200 each party) plus VAT for a 1 hr hearing plus a short written decision.
  • For a claim up to £20,000, I will undertake an arbitration for £600 (£300 each party) plus VAT for 1 hr hearing plus a short written decision.

Please note that it is always better to get legal advice on your dispute as soon as possible. If you are already involved in litigation as a litigant in person, please get my advice early on, so that I can help in preparing your case and trying to avoid costs. Most cases settle so long as they are well-presented to the other party to the dispute. In particular, if you think you may want to  instruct me to act for you at a hearing (such as an application or a trial), I can help prepare for that. Approaching me to act very shortly before the hearing may be too late for me to actually help you properly, and may be a reason for me to decline to act.

Find out more about hiring a barrister direct on the Bar Council’s website.

Get in touch

You can get in touch with me through my clerks at:

18sjs logo

in Manchester

18 St John St Chambers
0161 278 1800


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in London

4-5 Gray’s Inn Square
020 7404  5252

You can find more information about public access on the Bar Council’s website.

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